More than words

Our video interpreting service provides value when cues and context are important.

AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE. On demand and scheduled video interpreting helps people Interact more personally than traditional telephonic services because of visual context and visual queues. B2B offers a low per-minute rate while eliminating the hassle of travel time, mileage fees and wait time that are often associated with face-to-face interpreting. 

Getting started with the B2B Video Interpretation platform is easy! All you need is internet access, a mobile device or computer, and a webcam/camera; there’s no expensive equipment to rent or purchase. B2B can provide additional expertise and support to make sure you have a great experience.

With our exceptional high-resolution video and audio connection, you’ll be able to see and hear the interpreter as if they were right next to you in the room. We can also offer interpreters certified in American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting.

Video interpreting is a great solution for many industries to improve the simultaneous interpretation. From business, healthcare and education, video interpreting provides a unique opportunity to connect your clients and community. Prices starting as low as $1.00 per minute for tier 1 languages and $1.10 for tier 2 languages, with a minimum of only 15 minutes. 

Fully Supported from 8am - 8pm EST Monday to Friday in the languages listed below

Tier 1 Languages include:

  • American Sign Language

  • Arabic

  • Burmese

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Chinese (Cantonese)

  • French

  • Korean

  • Nepali

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Somali

  • Spanish

  • Swahili

  • Urdu

  • Vietnamese

Tier 2 Languages are all other spoken languages.


NO CONTRACTS. You can sign up to use our services without being tied down. Only pay for what you use. Say goodbye to hourly minimums and mileage.



You no longer have to call ahead to schedule. With our on-demand services, you can use our app to reach an interpreter anytime, anywhere.


Interpreters are available 24/7 in most languages and ready to take your video call.

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