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Accurately conveying health and medical information is essential. Miscommunication between a healthcare provider and a patient can increase the risk of medical errors, incidence of inappropriate treatments, or emergency room visits. Highly skilled, certified medical foreign language interpreters ensure that sensitive medical information is communicated, and understood fully, while respecting the confidentiality and integrity of everyone involved.

Not only do our highly skilled medical interpreters provide a clear and precise interpretation of the care provider’s questions, they also facilitate the verbal and nonverbal communication, concepts, and cultural practices of the patients as needed. The use of an experienced interpreter can significantly ease patient stress.

No matter what the situation, the use of a highly qualified medical interpreter increases patient satisfaction, improves adherence and outcomes, and reduces adverse events.

Back to Basics medical interpreters can be used for:

  • Routine medical visits
  • Emergency room visits
  • Specialist consultations
  • Medical testing
  • Behavioral and mental health appointments
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